Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer 2012 Bucket List

Thank you Pinterest for another fantastic family tradition! The "Summer Bucket List"! At the beginning of the summer I filled this bucket with activities/crafts and summer recipes. Then, the girls drew out of the bucket to find out what we'd be doing that week! They loved it! I loved it!

Our Summer 2012 Bucket List
Play hopscotch
Play Frisbee
Play in Sprinkler
Build with Marshmallows
Make a pillow/blanket/anything goes fort
Splat painting
Paint pet rocks
Make a fairy garden
Water balloon fight!
Make volcanoes
Plaster Magnets
Freezer pop painting
Make playdoh
Sharpie tie dye shirts
Sunscreen experiment
Water color over crayon art
Berry picking
Saturday Market
Family Bike Ride
Hike to a waterfall

Homemade ice cream
Homemade frozen yogurt
Homemade sorbet
Lemonade from scratch
Cake balls
Homemade popcorn
Rootbeer floats
Princess Punch
Cupcake Cones
Peep S'mores
Trail mix bars
Lemonade popsicles
Watermelon popsicles
Peach popsicles
Pink mojito popsicles (non-alcohol)
Summer Morning (melon) popsicles
Neapolitan popsicles

New Park Monday: This wasn't in the bucket, but it went along with it. Each week we picked a new park and let our friends know where to meet us on Monday if they wanted to play. The original intention had been to go to new parks we'd never been to all summer, but that proved overly complicated as most of those parks are all quite far from our house since we've been to all the nearby ones. Instead we did a combo of new-to-us and old favorites. It was great fun with great friends!!!

As for me, I learned how to can (strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry jam), make skirts for the girls, and, for the most part, learned what was a flower vs. weed in my yard. A big thanks to my stepmom and bro-in-law for coaching me there! Can't wait to get their garden advice come next spring!

It's almost fall! That means it's time to swing into holiday and birthday planning mode!

Until next summer!!!!

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  1. Lots of fun and productivity over there this summer. What a great way to do it!


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