Monday, August 6, 2012

Modern Baker: Whipped Cream Layer Cake

Get ready to pack on the calories!! This cake from the Modern Baker cookbook will leave your head spinning with all the whipped cream in it. Be prepared Modern Bakers to eat salad for the day in order to enjoy a piece and let me warn you- one won't be enough.

Let's start with the cake which uses a good amount of whipping cream in it. In fact, besides vanilla and eggs, whipping cream is the only liquid in the batter. The cake is fluffy and tastes homemade (meaning extra yummy!).

N.M. says this kind of cake can be covered with sweetened whipped cream but he prefers the caramel whipped cream. In my opinion, the caramel whipped cream makes this cake. It is the highlight. In fact I'd call this recipe: Caramel Whipped Cream and Cake. Like I said, the cake is good, but when paired with the caramel whipped cream it's dangerously delicious.

Oh goodness does caramel whipped cream have so many possibilities!

On a side note, please remind me to never ever allow my husband to borrow our nice camera for an extended period of time again. These poor photos just don't do this cake justice! Poor guy won't be getting a piece of cake, that's for sure. Oh wait. He doesn't like whipped cream anyway. Odd. I know.

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  1. Well that camera does it justice enough to know that I would love a slice of this...looks delightfully sinful and decadent!


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