Friday, August 24, 2012

Modern Baker: Rum-Scented Marble Cake

The Modern Bakers are baking cakes and this one is a winner!

My second perfect unmolding!
I was smart this time and calculated the ounces of rum needed before going to the liquor store. I had to buy a big bottle to get the amount needed so perhaps some rum balls are in order!

I liked the combination of chocolate and yellow cake. The flavors came together well. The rum really was just a hint and not overwhelming.

The cake process what pretty easy. I made a large batch of the yellow cake part and then folded about two cups of that batter into the chocolate to create the chocolate layer. I stacked the batter into the pan using half of the yellow batter, the the chocolate batter, followed by the rest of the yellow batter.

The cake baked nicely and was gobbled up quickly.

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  1. We loved this one, too. Isn't it fun to open it up and see what's inside for a pattern? Yours looks beautiful.


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