Thursday, August 2, 2012

Half-Birthdays Celebrated Here!

My daughter's 1/2 Birthday cake!

Yes, we celebrate 1/2 birthdays in our home!

Yes, you might think us crazy for doing so, but really I know that you're just jealous no one celebrated yours. Any excuse for cake!


  1. Happy 4 and a Half to Miss Charlotte! What a pretty cake. You are right...come October 21st, I'm having a half birthday WITH CAKE! lol My brother (who is 56 always signs his letters, Stephen, 672 months old...or whatever month it is when he writes the letter...he's a nut...he started doing this when we would send photos of the boys with their ages in months when they were really little). It's actually kind of fun to see how many months old we all are...yikes.


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