Wednesday, August 8, 2012

6-Layer Rich Chocolate Malted & Toasted Marshmallow Cake

I spotted this cake on Pinterest MONTHS ago. Sweetapolita has a fabulous recipe for it. The minute I saw it, I knew this was my birthday cake! I must be a bit odd because I love to make myself a birthday cake. I love to bake and when my birthday comes around I always have the desire to make something super fun. I WANT to be in the kitchen making it.

But, everyone gives you crap for making your own cake!!! They say, "Oh, let me make you something" or they tell me to just order something from the fancy bakery in town. At work and at my birthday dinner no one was into me baking and bringing my own cake. Well, fine! We invited friends over for dinner and I surprised them with a super decadent dessert a few days before my birthday.
I forgot to take a picture after cutting into it, but you can see the layers here. The cake was delicious! One of the main liquids for the cake batter is coffee. I wasn't too sure about this as I don't like coffee, but boy does it work in chocolate cake! The malted chocolate frosting was good, but the toasted marshmallow frosting stole the show!! I would sneak by the cake after it was cut and with a fork scoop out parts of the marshmallow frosting for a little taste.

Are you a a cake or frosting person? I've discovered I'm a cake person. I loved this cake but it had me cut three 8'' cakes in half to get the 6 layers. Once all layers were frosted and assembled there as just too much frosting for me! Next time I'll just do the three layers with the toasted marshmallow frosting and then frost the outside in the malted chocolate frosting. Yes, there will be a next time!

Only 11 more months to find next year's birthday cake! Better get myself back to Pinterest!

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  1. This looks fabulous! I love the frosted layering did you do that so perfectly??? I can see how that Chocolate Loving Girl in you would love love love this. What did the girls say? I made my own cake this year as well and it was a lot of fun...I think that might be my cake next year as well (MB Raspberry Cream) because it was such a hit. Once a year can't be too bad, right? Happy Birthday, Renee!


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