Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Modern Baker: Raspberry Cream Cake

The Modern Bakers are baking cakes and this week I made a yummy raspberry cream cake.
The cake begins with a classic genoise cake. A genoise cake is a light sponge cake that is made with a considerable amount of eggs. Egg whites and yolks are whipped with sugar, salt, and vanilla. A flour and cornstarch mixture are then folded into the cake and the cake is baked. This cake is a good canvas for lots of variations. N.M. lists a ton of tempting options and although the chocolate variation sounded very tempting I thought I'd step out of my chocolate zone a bit and try something else.
There are three components of raspberry in this raspberry cake. The first is a raspberry syrup that is made by cooking down sugar and water and adding the raspberry liqueur Charmond. This syrup is then brushed on each layer of cake. (The genoise cake is sliced into three layers.)

On top of the syrup raspberry jam is spread. I used my mother-in-laws homemade jam.
Next is the buttercream frosting. Frozen raspberries are pushed through a strainer and the juices then reduced. The resulting reduction is then added to a buttercream frosting which is in fact primarily butter. (That can't be good for the hips!)
I found the cake to be delicious! The raspberry syrup and jam were soaked into the cake and made it more moist and raspberry tasting. The buttercream was also very good and brought it all together well, but in truth was also quite rich to me. I could only have a one piece before becoming a lit overwhelmed with the butter.

My two year old loved the "pink cake" and I'm sure still thinks I made it just for her since she loves pink so much right now.

The only tragedy that befell was that the syrup got on the recipe pages and stuck the pages together! A little tearing got them apart though.


  1. Beautiful and great process photos!! I was supposed to post this for the official post, but Clarice crashed and I lost all my photos except the one of Matt with it on my birthday as it was my birthday cake this year. Anyway, maybe you can volunteer to be official post as this is great with the photos and description, etc.! I was waiting for someone to post before I put my one sad lonely photo up from my blog post that week, so thanks. Gorgeous cake, and so girly! I just loved it.

  2. Kayte's right -- your cake is absolutely beautiful!! Bakery-worthy all the way. As far as volunteering for the official post, we have a term we like to use at the office: voluntold. As in, you've been voluntold to do that project. Or you were voluntold to be the official post for this recipe!

  3. I am happy to be voluntold Phyl!!


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