Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Modern Baker: Milk Chocolate Mousse Cake

Ready for some chocolate?! This cake out of the Modern Baker cookbook will fill your need for chocolate this week.

It has four element. First, is a chocolate genoise cake. I baked a genoise earlier Raspberry Cream Cake. This uses the chocolate version. I had a little trouble with the chocolate version because the ratio of flour, cornstarch and cocoa powder was quite a bit more than the classic genoise's flour and cornstarch. This resulted in the cake being a lot less light and much more dense. I'm wondering if there was an error here. I should have cut the cake into three layers (to use only two) but my cake was so short, I just cut it in two. (I have since learned there was a typo in the book. The correction is here. That explains my problem.)
The second element moistening syrup. This syrup is simply sugar and vanilla cooked slightly. The syrup is brushed on the cake layers to moisten them and make them oh so yummy.

The third element is the mousse! Making mousse is always eye opening. I love mousse and yet when I see the massive quantity of whip cream, eggs, and sugar going into the mixer it always reminds me to take it easy on my portion size.

The fourth element is the finishing. Whipped cream to cover the cake and chocolate shavings.
N.M. says he likes this mousse because it doesn't use gelatin and thus is more delicate. Well, my mousse could really have used some help from gelatin. I layered my cake and mousse in a springform pan and let it set overnight. The next day I un-sprung my pan and my poor cake immediately began to sag.
I quickly cut a piece.
And then found a pretty bowl. My cake became more of a large mousse bowl. It was delicious. It was chocolately and rich but not overly sweet. I put it in the fridge and nibbled on it over many days. I don't want to think about all the running I'll have to do to take these calories off.
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  1. Wow that looks rich and decadent and I know my guys are going to love it. You have such a great description of it and assembling it. Nice job.

  2. I'm a bit nervous about this one, all the more so having read your post. Great call on making it a classic mousse by putting it in a bowl. And it sounds like it was delicious, even if it was a bit messy.


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