Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Modern Baker: Individual French Hazelnut Cakes

Are you ready for an "individual cake". Not a cupcake. An "individual french cake". 

What is the difference? Well....Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

For that matter a lot of muffins are masquerading cupcakes in my estimation. I quite like the term individual cake and perhaps it is appropriate to distinguish. This little cake is a perfect tea cake. It also doesn't have frosting. A staple of the cupcake world. So, yes, an individual cake it is.

Again only 5 simple little ingredients create this little gem. The ground hazelnuts are a large portion of the batter too so the little cakes taste like soft hazelnut clouds. I don't drink tea, but these little cakes sure made me think I should start.

Oh, and yes it's another cake from the Modern Bakers and the Modern Baker Cookbook. Don't want to forget that part because you need to know where to get the recipe when you make them yourself!


  1. These sound so charming! I love ground hazelnuts in baked goods.

  2. Yes, that idea of little individual cakes sounds so appealing...yours look wonderful. Nice to have a cake recipe without frosting now and again...a staple here is the Angel Food Cake in that category, but I think I could make a case for these as well.

  3. I love these--and they are the perfect recipe to whip up whenever.

  4. Your cakes look delicious. I can't wait to get to this recipe, as you make it sound so good!


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