Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Modern Baker: Molten Center Chocolate Cakes

Perfection has moved up a notch! I've now made the best thing ever!!

Yes, this is another cake from the Modern Baker challenge and it is perfection on a plate. It's based off of a recipe by a 3-star chef whose version calls for a frozen chocolate truffle to be baked into the middle of it. N.M. claims this recipe is even better than that. When I first read that I thought he had to be wrong. The truffle version sounds divine. Now I must concede, he may be right. (I save my full endorsement for when I've had the opportunity to try chef Michel Bras cake. He's French. Hmm... perhaps a trip to Paris is in order.)

Yes, my plating and un-molding may not be very pretty above but trust me, it tasted 1000 times better than it looks. I'll admit I almost didn't make the creme anglaise sauce to go along with it. I am so glad I did. Do not skip that step!!!! It's the perfect compliment.

The batter is quite easy to make involving bittersweet chocolate, butter, eggs, sugar, and flour. I'm continuously astounded what deliciousness is created from five ingredients. I had 8 oz ramekins instead of 4 so mine was a bit larger. The unmolding was a little tricky as the ramekin is still pretty hot when you're trying to unmold but the cake was wonderful. All the edges were a cooked soft yet dense cake and middle chocolate just oozed all over the plate and into the creme anglaise.

I love that this dessert can be made ahead of time and then just popped in the oven right when you need it. This dessert must be eaten warm so plan accordingly!

Now, I'm off to pop my last ramekin of goodness into the oven.


  1. Well now I know that when I make this it is going to be worth it and the guys will love it, so I maybe should do this for Mark for Father's Day...might be a great time. Thanks for the post/review/photo of what it is supposed to look like!

  2. Those look and sound delicious! I'll admit that I've never been a big fan of molten center cakes: they just seem like underbaked cakes to me. But I'm really looking forward to trying this one, especially with the creme anglaise.


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