Monday, May 21, 2012

Modern Baker: Viennese Punch Cookies

This is the final cookies recipe for the Modern Bakers challengers from the Modern Baker cookbook. These are an adult cookie as the filling and icing contain rum!

The cookie itself is a nice shortbread type cookie utilizing ground slivered almonds in the dough.
The filling is quite interesting. The dough scraps from cutting out the cookies are baked and then ground. To the ground scraps apricot preserves, semisweet chocolate, rum, orange zest, and lemon zest is added. The filling has a rich distinct flavor.
The icing is simply confectioners' sugar and rum (and a drop of yellow food coloring). The cookies were good. I'm not sure I'd make them again, but I liked the combination of flavors of the simple cookie with the rich filling and the icing that packed a little punch. I haven't done a lot of "adult baking" where the alcohol stays in the dessert. It was kind of fun to know I would be a "bad mother" if I shared any cookies with my kids. More for me! (heehee)


  1. Tee friend Diane used to keep "Kids' Koolaid" in a pitcher in the frig and "Mommy Koolaid" in a box in the frig...i.e. wine. lol Sometimes Mommies get to have something special just for them. The cookies look beautiful.

  2. Your cookies are picture-perfect! I was cookied out by the time I got to the end of that section, so I didn't make these. But I'm going to go back and play catch up (someday).


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