Monday, May 7, 2012

Modern Baker: Lemon & Almond Tuiles

More cookies from the Modern Baker Cookbook! My friends and I are still hard at work on the challenge.

Tuile is french for tile and these little cookies are delicious little tiles to goodness. I was in a mad rush this week and just didn't have the time to finish these off to perfection. I'm lucky a picture got snapped of them at all.

The cookie dough is made with butter, sugar, lemon zest, vanilla, eggs, ground almonds, and flour. Once the dough mounts are in the oven they flatten out and create these thin cookies. Once out of the oven you can keep the cookies as is (the boring way), or curve them by placing them around rolling pins or bowl (such a fun idea but just didn't have the time!), or sandwich them with some preserves (fantastic idea that must be tried someday!)

My little cookies were quite delicious. The recipe calls for two teaspoons of zest. I only had one and so I substituted a teaspoon of lemon juice for zest. I love lemon so I figured I'd like the extra kick of juice. In fact, next time I might play with the proportions a bit and add even more lemon. These little cookies would be perfect for tea time!

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  1. I'm thinking those little cookies would be perfect anytime!! Your photo of them is beautiful. I love how yours turned out, great job on these!


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