Sunday, April 15, 2012

Modern Baker: Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Milk Chocolate Filling

The Modern Bakers are baking cookies, bars, and biscotti from the Modern Baker cookbook and any chocoholic will love these! The chocolate cookie is simple and delicious all on it's own. The dough is made with butter, melted and cooled semisweet chocolate, flour, and confectioners' sugar. Four ingredients for simple and delicious little cookies.

I could see making these cookies all on their own, especially for tea. That is, if I drank tea.
The milk chocolate icing was super yummy, but sadly did not thicken enough. It squished out the sides of my sandwich cookies, but that was okay. I found a grand solution. I simply took the remaining chocolate filling and used it as a dip for the cookies. A little runny, but I'm not complaining.


  1. Super mouth-watering! I’m getting hungry as I read the ingredients and the procedure you made for this milk chocolate sandwich cookies. Yummy!

  2. Wow, that looks good and I don't even like chocolate...I am thinking of it as dipping it in caramel sauce and I think I could actually make a white cookie with some caramel sauce and be one happy camper. But I will make these as my guys love the whole chocolate world thing. You chocolate lovers are all alike...nice job on these.


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