Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Fun!

 Happy Easter!!!
How we celebrated...
Making our own Easter eggs out of thread.

Making rice crispy Easter eggs!

Ready, set, DYE!

Easter Egg Hunt hair for preschool.

A new tradition: We planted "magic jelly" beans and waited to see what would happen on Easter.

Rainbow lollipops!!
(One of the most fun ideas I found on Pinterest this year!! I hope to keep this new tradition alive for years to come! It turned out we had plans to be gone the whole day before Easter. So on Friday the girls and I planted their beans and then I got the idea to just have the sticks showing on Saturday morning. The girls were giddy with excitement seeing those sticks and beyond excited by their lollipops!!)

And, then the Easter Bunny came!

 Bunny french toast!

Easter Egg Hunting!

Basket weave hair for Easter brunch with the whole family.

Happy Easter!


  1. five of the photos wouldn't load for me, but the ones I got to see look adorable...the girls are so cute and those Easter dresses are beautiful!


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