Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St Patrick's Lunches

It's time for some St. Patrick's inspiration in the lunches!

I noticed in putting this together that my kids are a bit obsessed with cantaloupe lately. Probably partly due to the fact we're all a bit sick of oranges and apples. Is it summer yet? Melon seemed like a nice change and they've been requesting it a lot lately.

Turkey and Cheese Shamrock Sandwich
Rainbow:Red and Orange bell pepper, broccoli, and mushroom.
Each girl got her favorite dressing for dipping.

 Very simple but still festive.
PB&J Shamrock sandwich
Gold Coin cantaloupe melon
Frozen peas

A Shamrock Skewered lunch!
Shamrock Cheese
Turkey and Olive on picks
Cantaloupe on picks
Pickle with Shamrock pick

Green tortellini with parmesan cheese
Cantaloupe with green umbrella
Shamrock jello jiggler


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