Saturday, March 24, 2012

Modern Baker: Tart Lime Wafers

I've enjoyed many of the cookies I've baked with the Modern Baker group and I was so very excited about these tart lime wafers. I love tart! But, sadly they didn't turn out. I'll totally admit to baker error as the cause!
My dough was way too dry. I tried to correct it on the board but that turned quite messy!! In the end, the dough was better than the pic above but I should have returned it to the mixer and worked on it there instead of on the board. 

These cookies are made by forming the dough into logs and then cutting thin slices off. I like that these can be prepared ahead of time and then you can just slice off when you're ready for cookies. The dough is much like a nice shortbread with the zest of two limes in the dough and the zest of one more lime in the sugar coating around the dough. Like I stated earlier I love lime and the hint of lime is nice, however it was too light for me. I'd have preferred to put some of the lime juice in the dough to give it a nice tart flavor. When I see the word "tart" my mouth starts to water and I think of puckering up. The hint of lime from the zest just didn't satisfy my tart craving here and the issue I had with the dough resulted in dry cookies. I might have to work on tweaking these with lime juice in the dough though because I think there is the base for a cookie I'd love here!

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  1. Interesting...I was hoping for a nice tart taste in these as well. Guess I will taste the dough and then add a little extra lime on your experience.


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