Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BBA #41: Whole-Wheat Bread

The forty-first bread of the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge is whole wheat bread. This bread makes me appreciate again the art of bread baking. This whole wheat bread utilizes a soaker and a poolish made the day before to help bring out flavors in the bread.

The bread was good. It was a dense hearty bread that complimented dinner great and then the leftovers went great with eggs the next morning. I am hesitant to say it was a favorite though as it was just missing something. Reinhart's intro nailed it for me as he talked about how whole-grain bread bakers are challenged to attain a "crumb network that opens up both flavor and texture". That is what was missing from my bread. The crumb texture was just too tense and dry. The flavor was good but that's to my palate. I'm intrigued at how I could improve it. So, perhaps my hesitancy with this bread is not the formula but simply the bread baker's skill (that's me!) at making this bread. Another thing to ponder is the ingredients..... the whole wheat flour I used was simply from the bulk section. Perhaps I should try becoming a bit of a flour snob and search out some premium flour and give the bread a try again just to see.

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  1. Good description of it all...your loaf looks wonderful. This was good...not our favorite, but acceptably good. Probably won't make it again, however, as there are a whole lot of breads in there that I drool over at just the memory. I am on the last bread now...3 days.


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