Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Dipped Pretzels

The girls and I dipped and decorated pretzels this afternoon in honor of it being one week to Valentine's Day! It was a ton of fun. The girls loved it!! The two year old was quite generous with the sprinkles too and in the end they lingered long after the pretzels were put away to lick the sprinkles off the waxed paper. Yep, totally my kids!
Aren't those pretzels cute!
We used candy melts. I heated them in the microwave in a small bowl until they were melted. The girls then dipped and sprinkled away.
The only sad part of this project was that after I ate one of the yummy dipped pretzels I could no longer deny to myself that those "yogurt pretzels" I get from the store from time to time are in any way healthy. These pretzels tasted almost exactly like the yogurt pretzels my kids beg for, and up until know I've let myself believe that "yogurt" word means something. Yogurt pretzels = Candy pretzels.

Happy One Week to Valentine's Day!

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  1. So pretty...it all looks like a work of art. LOL on the yogurt pretzels...who knew? It's like finding out about...you-know-who! Ho Ho HO lol


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