Sunday, February 12, 2012

Seven Valentine Wreaths and Crafts!

I'm getting crafty in 2012!!! 
Check out my latest crafts for Valentine's Day!!!
I love wreaths!
I'm a little obsessed with them and Pinterest is my go to wreath inspiration provider!
A felt heart wreath. Love this wreath!!

 Here it is in process.

Pink Feather Boa Wreath

 Ribbon Wreath

 Mailboxes for the girls.
Can't wait for them to see them Valentine's Day morning!

Valentine's Hairbows.

Charlotte's Valentine's for preschool!
So cute and so easy!

Yarn Hearts!
(Yarn + cornstarch glue and bake in oven.)


  1. So cute...all of it. We have done Sparrow Post every year since the boys were two (it's from a Tasha Tudor book) and I thought they would outgrow it but Matt said, "Is Sparrow Post coming to IU for me?" I just finished putting the finishing touches on it a little bit ago to send back to college with him this afternoon for Tuesday. Your girls are going to love the mailboxes...Charlotte's valentine is so cute and clever...what fun!


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