Friday, February 3, 2012

Recent Bentos

A few bento lunches from January.... I'm really enjoying bento-ing!!!
Rolled turkey on a pick
bowtie and pea pasta salad with a cute bento fork
blueberries (right out of the freezer like my girls like)

Puzzle pieces ham and cheese sandwiches
Carrot, red pepper, and yellow squash stick salad
with French dressing for dipping in heart cups
and gorgonzola cheese in round cups
heart marshmallow

Peanut butter and honey sushi roll sandwich
Half a cutie orange with heart pick
Frozen peas (another favorite here)
Heart peep
Yogurt smoothie

Red Pasta with Parmesan cheese, carrots, and red peppers
Heart hard boiled egg
Grapes on heart pick
Heart peep

I Heart You Lunch:
Half a heart turkey and cheese sandwich
Cucumber (in heart cut outs) and red peppers (top section of pepper so it look like half hearts)
Maraschino cherries in butterfly bowl
Yogurt pretzels
A heart gummy


  1. These are so creative Renee! I'm dying to know -- how do you turn a hardboiled egg into a heart?

    1. Kathy- I have a special mold I bought online at Check amazon though!

  2. These a great and would make food more fun to eat.

  3. Really fun and cute. And healthy! You are such a fun mom...those girls are so lucky to have you making lunch for them! Thanks for sharing, I love to see Bentos. I do them for myself for lunches to take to school when I am subbing and it makes lunch just so much more fun to have something done up pretty and creative and I just really love that.


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