Saturday, February 25, 2012

My New Kitchen

 My new kitchen!
I'm still getting used to everything. On moving day my mom, stepmom, and mother-in-law unpacked my kitchen for me. It was a little hard not to do it myself but I was needed elsewhere and I knew with three moms (and cooks) in the kitchen things would find themselves into good spots and they sure did! I know I'll probably do an overhaul (or two) of the kitchen as I learn how I use it in the coming years but by the end of moving day I had a fully functioning kitchen- what a relief!!!

 My first ever gas range.

So far I'm enjoying the gas. Things cook (or more accurately, pans heat up) so much faster!!!

My wall mount oven. 
It's the original and so cute!

I was a little unsure about the oven when we were in the contract process. All I could remember was that it was the original and small, although very well taken care of. We wondered for a bit if it was a "retro" oven. The inside looks like it had never been used!! However, the rest of the house had so many pluses that one little oven issue didn't seem like a big deal, especially since I know a very good cabinet maker (my dad) who could help when and if we needed to retrofit the kitchen for a modern oven. The oven is smaller than a regular oven but my cookie sheets fit in it (length-wise) and my baking stone *just* fits. I've cooked in it a few things and so far it works great. I feel quite like a 1950s housewife when cooking in it. One major improvement of modern ovens that I miss in this one- a light. Never realized how much I used my oven light until I opened this one to inspect my brownies in utter darkness.

 Love those old knobs.
One knob is the temperature set and the other is a timer.

Push to bake.

My garage stove & oven.
Doesn't everyone have a second stove in their garage? Well in my family it's becoming quite the thing to have. It all started when my stepmom put in a new stove a number of years ago. For some reason they didn't have the old one taken away and they ended up procrastinating on getting rid it themselves. My stepmom's new stove is a glass top and you're not supposed to can on glass tops. Around canning season it occurred to her she could can in the garage on her old stove. A few months later they were touting how great having a second stove/oven was, especially for canning smelly things (like tuna) and cooking smelly things (like gumbo). It's come in handy at holiday time too as a warming oven while the turkey is cooking in the house.

My mom recently got a free stove for her garage and about a week before we moved in my dad snagged this (for free) from his neighbor who was installing a new stove. A downdraft stove with side grill. Pretty fancy for a garage stove! We've yet to use it but I do hope to get into canning and I like the idea of having another oven available since my kitchen oven is small.

View out kitchen window.
While house hunting, one of my musts was a kitchen window that overlooked the yard so I could watch the kids and cook. We love our backyard!! And see that white picket fenced area on the left. That's the garden. Can't wait to get planting this spring!


  1. It looks fantastic! And I love the idea of a second oven in the garage. I'm excited to start doing more canning too. I look forward to reading about some of your projects.

  2. So pretty...all of it! Such fun to get to see it all...thanks for sharing. My kitchen wall ovens are also smaller than normal (not much but a little) and I have actually come to like that about them, at first some of my really large baking sheets seemed crowded in there but now I just have everything that fits just right and love it. It doesn't feel like I am heating up a huge oven for a just a small amount of food now that the kids are gone. Love that sink window a big plus in my opinion always!

  3. It’s often exciting when you’re loved ones are there to help you set things up, it’s like a bonding time. Importantly, all of you can cook so it might be good to have you three set up a mini-party just to try out your new kitchen. Just imagine, you got a perfect place where you can enjoy your cooking and have a grand time with your family just by going to the yard.

    Chase Conely


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