Monday, February 20, 2012

Modern Baker: Melting Moments

Are you ready for a little cloud of goodness that just melts in your mouth?

These cookies from the Modern Baker cookbook live up to their name. They just melt in your mouth.

The ingredients are interesting. The only sugar is powdered sugar and there is quite a bit of cornstarch and baking powder in these cookies. I imagine these three ingredients are key to the pillowy feel they have in your mouth.

Don't worry, they aren't flavorless clouds. The orange extract and zest give them a subtle flavor that makes you want to brew some tea (even if you're not a tea drinker like myself) and have a some friends over to help you eat the cookies.

I'm so glad I tried these, I almost skipped them.

Hear, that other Modern Bakers? Give them a try!


  1. I'm thinking of skipping them just because it might be best if I don't actually know how good they are or how to make them...these look like they are screaming "Danger, Danger!" to me. Yes, they look delicious and lovely.

  2. these sound delicious. I haven't heard of cornstarch in cookies before, but recently started using it in waffle batter for fluffy interior and crisp exterior.

  3. I admit I was thinking of skipping. But something with tea sounds nice...


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