Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Modern Baker: Sicilian Fig Bars

The Modern Bakers are baking cookies, bars, and biscotti from the Modern Baker cookbook.  These sicilian fig bars are a merger of the classic fig bar we're all used to here in the U.S. with the seasonings you'd find in a fig bar in Sicily. I must say they look more complicated to make than they were!

I made a half recipe of the dough and rolled three ropes to about 12 inches long. I put these in the fridge to chill overnight. The next day I rolled the ropes out about 4 inches and then spread them with the filling.
The filling: You'll soon learn that I wasn't a huge lover of these fig bars, but I think a likely reason could be because I used different figs than specified. N.M. recommends Calimyrna figs. I couldn't find these so I used black mission figs. It could simply be that these figs didn't blend as well with the other seasonings.
I cooked the figs with water, apricot preserves, rum, cinnamon and cloves.
And then pureed the mixture. Oh my goodness did the house smell festive! I think it was the combination of the cinnamon and cloves.
After I spread the filling on the dough, I rolled them put and set them on a baking sheet seam side down. I baked them and then cut them up just like the classic fig newton bars.

What I liked about the bar is that it was a lot less sweet than a fig newton. The cookie part was crunchy and flaky more like a pie crust. What I didn't like was the filling. I'm thinking it was the combination of the "wrong" fig and the cloves that was off putting to me. I like a hint of cloves, but this recipe used quite a bit and it was overpowering to me. I doubt I'd make these again, however it would be fun to find another filling and make a similar style cookie/bar.


  1. Once when I was about four I ate a whole package of fig newtons and got violently sick, so I've never been able to eat them again. But this recipe with a different filling sounds good.

  2. These look really good. I can't find those figs either, just the black mission ones, so I guess I will wait and try to find them on your experience, thanks for the tip. And, oh, I had not even thought as far as using a different filling later as well, but that sounds really good as well. Nice job.

  3. I loved these! Of course, I was fortunate to find the right figs, so that may have been the difference. If only half of mine hadn't ended up in the bottom of the oven. Oh, well. What I had, I enjoyed. Sorry they weren't a big hit with you.


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