Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Modern Baker: Butterscotch Chocolate Chunk Cookies

The Modern Bakers are now baking cookies, bars, and biscotti! If you've paid attention you may be wondering, but wait, what about cakes! Well, we've decided the skip the cakes and jump into the cookies since we're all often baking so many cookies during these time of year anyway. We're going to spend a long time in this section as many of us want to bake every recipe!

These cookies take a slight twist on the ever classic chocolate chip cookies. When I first read the ingredients I was a little disappointed there wasn't any butterscotch chips in the cookies. The butterscotch flavor is created by using only brown sugar in the cookies. The chocolate chunks are half milk chocolate and half bittersweet chocolate.

I thought there would be little learn from a cookie I've made many many times in my life, but N.M. added a small note in this recipe that may very well change my cookie baking life forever! He warned not to overbeat the dough or the cookies with rise and then flatten during baking. My cookie often do this and in the past I've thought it was stale baking soda that caused this. N.M. instructs the flour to be added by hand after the egg is incorporated. I followed his instructions and my cookies were in fact puffy! Thank you Nick!!

I told my stepmom about this trick and she was equally intrigued because they happen to prefer flattened cookies and she never knew why some of her batches turned out that way and others didn't. She plans to overbeat her batter from now on.

Oh, and the cookies- they were great! Personally, I would have preferred all milk chocolate chips, but that's just me. These are a great classic. And for those dough lovers like myself- the cookie dough was also delicious!


  1. Oh, the guys are going to love these! Yours look really good. I am so happy we are doing cookies this month...December is always a big cookie month here!

  2. Your cookies look great! They come out puffier and softer-looking than mine. I think I overbaked mine a bit, even though I followed the time given in the recipe. No matter, they were still delicious.


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