Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BBA #37: Swedish Rye (Limpa)

The thirty-seventh bread of the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge is Swedish rye or Limpa. The bread begins with a complex sponge including my sourdough starter, white rye flour, ground cardamon, ground fennel seeds, ground aniseeds, dried orange peel, and molasses. This was my first time seeking out dried orange peel and I was pleasantly surprised to find it under "O" in the bulk section.

I let the sponge ferment for about 5 hours until it was foamy and then I refrigerated it overnight. The next morning I mixed the sponge with bread flour, instant yeast, salt, brown sugar, and some vegetable oil. I knew from previous experience with rye that I should knead the dough as little as possible. Reinhart also reminded that kneading time should only be, at most, 6 minutes.

The dough was not coming together too well. It was too dry. I began to panic because rye and I have not had that great of a relationship thus far. I started dribbling water down the side of the bowl and after about 2 1/2 tablespoons of water the bread finally came together. I let the dough hook knead it for about 3 minutes and then put it in a oiled bowl.

I took my kids on a playdate and preceded to completely forget about the bread. The two hour rise turned into about 3 1/2 hours but the dough handled it well. I shaped it into a bread pan, let it rise again, and baked it.
The bread was delicious. The crust was crunchy and the dough inside was soft like sandwich bread although denser. The flavor was amazing. I sliced it right before dinner and my two year old strongly requested a piece. She then demanded two more pieces and effectively ruined her dinner but I didn't mind. I was so thrilled she loved the bread. The husband also loved the bread and declared it one of his all time favorite. Yay! A rye bread that was a success!!


  1. Look at that gorgeous rise!! We were not expecting to like this one (it just seemed odd) but were very pleasantly surprised. Leftovers made the best bread pudding that I've ever had in my life (and I don't even like bread pudding)!

  2. Okay, I'm making note of this one for when I get rye flour with my CSA.

  3. Karen- I might even be done with the challenge by then and you can borrow my book. :-)

  4. You are now officially ahead of me in the book! Congratulations, this looks wonderful!


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