Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Modern Baker: Perfect Birthday Cake

Perfect Birthday Cake. That's what Nick Malgieri the author of The Modern Baker cookbook calls this cake. The Modern Bakers are not moving onto cakes until January, but I had to try this cake. This is the first year my child's birthday has not fallen on the day we actually celebrated. I made the super adorable and fun monkey cake for her party, but on the day of her actual birthday she needs cake too!
Perfect birthday cake for a perfect little girl who is now two year old! I made a half recipe of the cake and then split the batter between two 6 inch pans, one circle and one square. I made the chocolate ganache frosting, put a large dollop on each, put out the sprinkles and let them have at it!
The girls spread, sprinkled, and decorated to their hearts content before digging in. I put out forks but both preferred to just run their fingers through the frosting and enjoy the chocolate frosting with half a cabinet of sprinkles on top!
I was a bit surprised I enjoyed this cake as much as I did. I took issue with N.M. calling this perfect birthday cake as I'm a chocolate cake with white icing gal. He's obviously a yellow cake with chocolate icing guy. I snuck a few bites off the girl's plates and really enjoyed it. The cake was the best yellow cake I've ever had and the chocolate frosting was delicious. If you're a yellow cake with chocolate icing person I'd venture to bet this would be the best birthday cake you'd ever eat. 
Five stars for this birthday cake from the birthday girl!
N.M.'s cookbook is now in paperback and he was so generous to send the Modern Baker's a copy of the new paperback! I have big Christmas giving plans for it! Spreading the baking love! Thanks Nick!!!!


  1. Best wishes to the birthday girl. I can't believe she's two!

  2. Such a fun post...wow, P is 2 already...a whole year has passed since the 1 cake??? Yikes. C is really growing up as well, she is losing that toddler look and going into her Young Miss stage...so precious, both of them, thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday Penelope!!


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