Saturday, September 10, 2011

Modern Baker: Molded Chocolate-Filled Napoleons

This will be the last recipe I do for the puff pastry section of the The Modern Baker cookbook. My fellow Modern Bakers will continue baking away so check out their recipes!

This recipe was a failure for me. Let me be clear though, the failure is due to baker error not recipe error. The first error: The puff pastry was not flaky it was dense like pie crust. I'm not sure what I did wrong here. I made the spinach and feta turnovers out with the other half of the puff pastry and those turned out quite flaky so I must have done something wrong during the baking of the baked pastry layer. (**Note: I now know. The recipe states that you should fold the dough into thirds to move it to the baking pan. I did this but then didn't unfold it. My dough was three sheets thick and so ended up very dense instead of light and flaky.)

 I'm glad I tried the baked pasty layer, but it wasn't my favorite process. (Oh how funny, I've told my daughter she can say "it's not my favorite" instead of "I don't like it" or "yucky" at the dinner table. Guess I'm following my own parenting. So, yeah, I didn't like the baked puff pastry process. I'm not sure why. It just didn't give me that baking rush when baking other things.)
The second error: the mousse did not turn out quite right. I was preparing the meringue when I realized I needed the chocolate melted and cooled for the next step. I popped it in the microwave to melt and then the fridge for a quick cool down. It cooled too much and when I then tried to fold it into the meringue it didn't stir in very nicely. The chocolate stayed slightly chunky, almost like little shaved chocolate pieces. It made the final mousse grainy with chocolate pieces.

I assembled the dessert and let it set for 6 hours before digging in for a taste. The flavor was good, but as stated before, the crust was thick and not flaky and the mousse grainy instead of smooth.


  1. Some days are like just has a couple of mishaps and wonders why one even entered the kitchen that day! I am in a bit of a slump about baking (Matt is now at college so my main reason for baking is no longer in residence to eat it all) so I have not even entered this new section yet, and still want to make a few recipes from the old section, so my goal this week is to get the old section finished up so I can at least see if I can do this new section. We shall see. Thanks for posting your mishaps as I will be sure to look out for those things when I make this.

  2. Despite the issues, these still look tasty. I'm glad they tasted okay!


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