Monday, September 5, 2011

Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread

I saw this recipe on Joy the Baker's site months ago. Joy has also started a podcast I've listened to a couple of times and she said this is one of people's favorite recipes from her blog. Phyl also made it the Bread of the Month bread for July Artisan Bread Baker's group on Facebook. All signs were pointing that it was time to make this bread!
I mixed the dough and rolled it out as best I could to a 12x20 rectangle. Before it rises the dough is very sticky. I was worried about how wet the dough was but the recipe states the dough should be very wet. I was skeptical I'd return to useable dough, but it rose perfectly and was roll-able.
I sprinkled the cinnamon and sugar, cut the strips, and cut the strips into squares.
My stacking into the pan was not very pretty. It looks pretty simple but it's actually a bit hard to keep all the cinnamon sugar goodness with the dough and set the stacks into the pan nicely. I didn't worry too much about it but after baking I appreciated how taking the time to stack nicely helps a lot with a pretty final product.
The bread was delicious, although I was surprised it didn't blow me away. I'm really glad I made it but I'm not sure I'd do it again. You know, maybe what I'm missing is the icing. This bread is much like a cinnamon roll but without the icing. Yes, that's what it needs- more sugar.
Get the recipe here.


  1. Who cares about pretty and neat...this looks fabulous as is. I made the Lemon-Scented version last year and it was sooooo goooood. I can't be making that often as I ate more than I thought I would have the same problem with this loaf!

  2. I have made it too. I loved it. Maybe one of the variations on the net would suit you more? As for how it looks--I think the slightly disheveled attitude is part of the charm!

  3. I keep seeing others make pull apart bread, and yours looks so warm and inviting. Great post!

  4. I love a dish that you know is home made - you know it's going to be made with healthy ingredients and the love of the cook. :)

  5. This is on my list of things to bake. Yours looks delicious.


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