Monday, August 1, 2011

Modern Baker: Perfect Pound Cake

Perfect. That's quite a title to live up to!

Yes, this cake out of Nick Malgieri's The Modern Baker Cookbook is absolutely perfect. My fellow Modern Bakers should prepare for total enjoyment! (Yes, I'm jumping ahead a bit, but a day of berry picking necessitated some perfect pound cake.)

The preparation process for this cake is quite unique and you will need many bowls! I enjoyed that this little cake required me to fulfill my blog title. I've never had some many dirty dishes for one little 9x5 cake.

Here's the process:
The egg yolks are whipped with the sugar and extracts.
The yolks are set aside and the butter is then beat in the uncleaned bowl.
The flour is beat with the butter.
The flour and butter paste is scraped into the yolks and mixed.
The electric mixing bowl is cleaned and the egg whites are whipped until firm.
The egg whites and cake mixture are combined.
Everything goes back into the mixer for a good long beating.

Given that most cakes either use a "throw it all in the bowl and mix" strategy or the boring classic "cream butter into sugar" process this cake is rather fussy. The results though seem to warrant it. Had I been thinking ahead of time I would have documented the process in photos.

The cake was dense and the flavor quite light without being blah. It is as perfect pound cake should be- a delicious canvas for whatever you're adding. Today, we added freshly picked raspberries and marionberries.


  1. Looks wonderful and then topped with those berries is even more wonderful! Very pretty and elegant, can't wait to get to this one. I did make the one from his Bake! book, need to read recipe and see how they compare.

  2. Yum. I love pound cake and this looks like a great recipe for it.

  3. This looks like the ultimate perfect pound cake. Love the delicate berries as a topping!


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