Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Modern Baker: Perfect Elephant Ears

The Modern Bakers are now in the puff pastry section of The Modern Baker cookbook! I'll go ahead and state right from the start that I probably will not be baking many of the puff pastry recipes. This is not because they don't look delicious or because I don't like puff pastry. It's a baking lifestyle choice. Much like my decision to not learn to fry foods. I holding out on putting puff pastry into my baking skills. Puff pastry is basically flour and butter and a lot of it. It's good, but I can live without it.

With that said, I make no guarantees and reserve the right to bake every last one of the recipes if I so choose. Going forward though, I absolutely had to give this recipe a try.

When I first saw the recipe title I was so excited. I LOVE elephant ears (the fried dough kind) that you get at the fair. In fact, I'm not sure you can actually say you've gone to the fair if you don't get one. These elephant ears are not fried dough though, they're rolled puff pastry.
I began by making the instant puff pastry dough in the food processor. It was quite easy as most of N.M.'s doughs are. I chilled the dough thoroughly and then proceeded with the directions to make the elephant ears. It involves pressing, rolling and folding the pastry dough and instead of rolling out on flour, you roll out on sugar.

After I finished the folding and started the cutting I wasn't sure I'd done it right. The dough looked nothing like the picture. It was much like a towel or sheets you fold up to put in the closet. But, once it hit the oven the expanding happened like magic and my elephant ears came out perfectly.
They were delicious, crisp and buttery. Who knew such simple goodness could be made with only flour, salt, water, butter, and sugar.


  1. They indeed look perfect! I'm going to be making mini versions of these pastries as Matt is headed out of here for college and taking all his eating friends with him. Sigh.

  2. These look amazing! I grew addicted to these kind of elephant ears when my family spent half a year in Paris when I was six, and I still crave them whenever I see them. I'll have to get the recipe from you!

  3. Sayang tak ada resep-nya, kalau ada resepnya aku bisa mencoba membuatnya di rumah, apalagi di negaraku sedang menyambut hari raya lebaran, namun begitu aku terima kasih sekali atas informasi ini, he he


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