Thursday, August 25, 2011

BBA #31: New York Deli Rye

The thirty-first bread of the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge is new york deli rye. I just happen to be baking this bread the day before some friends invited us over for brunch. I asked what we could bring and they said to bake something. Well, I had the perfect addition.

The recipe calls for white rye flour but I could only find dark rye flour. It recipe also calls for two diced onions, however it does not specify the size of the dice. I chose to dice them at a medium dice which turned out just fine but next time I think I'll try a finer dice. The chunks of onion where not off-putting but sometimes I wished they were smaller.
The proofing time got away from me and the loaves proofed quite a bit longer than I meant them to but they were right where they were supposed to be when I finally got back to them. Either this was just luck or the rising strength was pretty slow. I'm finding bread more forgiving than I previously thought. I used to be very meticulous in my timing. I'm realizing more that rise time is not like bake time. You can fudge it and it doesn't ruin the end product.

The bread tasted incredible! It's a definite favorite. This bread is not hearth baked and it's the first one in awhile that hasn't been. I now understand the distinct difference hearth baking makes in the bread- particularly the crust.

Hearth baking is when you bake on a baking stone and usually start the oven around 500 degrees. Hearth breads have crunchy crusts like baguettes. Other breads have crusts like sandwich bread. I must say I'm becoming quite partial to hearth baking.


  1. Looks really good. For some reason, when I let it rise too long, it doesn't get a good shape in the oven from oven spring and tends to collapse a bit. That said, I almost always have to take my breads out sooner than they say so maybe the whole deal is with my oven and not the other things. I am not ready to get back into bread making until the weather cools a bit, we don't eat much bread in the summer either, so you will be ahead of me before I get back to it all!

  2. Though I'm not a fan of rye bread, I can appeciate a great looking loaf! Great job!


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