Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Modern Baker: Raspberry Almond Tartlets

I've moved on to the tartlets in the sweet tarts and pies section of The Modern Baker cookbook. Tartlets are little tarts and these little tarts have a surprise inside! A raspberry.

I used a mini muffin tin to shape the tartlet nut dough in. I placed a raspberry in each mold and then filled them with the almond mixture. I must say that discovering almond paste has been quite exciting. I have loved both this and the roman almond and pine nut tart. I keep thinking of all the other things I could put almond paste in.
These tartlets were fantastic. The raspberry inside was a great sweet surprise and went very nicely with the almond flavors. A huge hit!!

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  1. Those look delicious and very pretty! I need to pick up my speed again for this section as before we know it, we will be on the next one. I am looking forward to these!

  2. I really wish hubby liked raspberries, so I'd have an excuse to make these...maybe you could send me one? =) And kudos for using your mini muffin tin with such success...my tartlets were nowhere near as pretty!

  3. How pretty do these look? I love the raspberry almond combo.

  4. These look so good and I like raspberries and almonds a lot!


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