Saturday, July 16, 2011

Modern Baker: Lemon Lime Tartlets

Oh these tartlets are so good! I'm still baking from the sweet tarts and pies section of The Modern Baker with my fellow Modern Bakers challengers.

I have only recently come to really appreciate lemon curd. I have always loved sour, but usually for desserts I prefered something chocolate or sweet. After making the Martha Stewart's lemon meringue cupcakes I realized I shouldn't have discounted lemon so much.
I used a mini muffin tin to make the tartlets. I baked them empty and planned to fill them later. Well, I learned a lesson. I has used a bit too much dough in each mold and when they baked they puffed up and filled a good bit of the center. I'd say there was a small valley instead of a large crater. I wasn't able to put as much filling in each tart as I would have liked. That was a real tragedy because the curd was to die for! Fortunately, when eat in the privacy of your own home no one minds if you double dip in the bowl of extra curd was you eat the tartlets.

Lemon Lime Goodness!!!


  1. These little lemony delights look delicious! I love tart tarts.

  2. I can't believe how perfectly shaped your tartlet crusts came out, even in the mini muffin tin. Mine all crumbled apart (in addition to puffing in the center b/c I initially forgot to pierce them with a fork); what's your secret? These look just great!

  3. How cute, yellow and bright! Great post!

  4. Very pretty and elegant! Thanks for the tip on filling the tins...I never make minis like this as I cook for guys and let's face it, all that bother, and they pop them into their mouths like popcorn without a thought...totally not worth me fussing. I will do a few for Modern Baker, however, so nice to have some tips. Yours look fabulous!


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