Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Modern Baker: Chocolate Caramel Pecan Tartlets

This is my last recipe for the sweet tarts and pies with my fellow Modern Bakers.  We're baking our way through The Modern Baker cookbook and the next section is puff pastry!

Oh, these tartlets are absolutely incredible! You begin by making caramel. No problem. I've made caramel a few times. It's always been a little tricky however this time seemed particularly hard. The sugar just sat and sat in the pan. I tried adding water. I tried starting over. I googled. Finally, I realized my heat wasn't up quite high enough to liquify the sugar. It took a bit of time, but I finally got the caramel color I was looking for.

The ganache is quite simple after the caramel is made. I added the cream, chocolate, milk, salt, and pecan pieces. Oh yum. Forget the tartlet crusts, where is my spoon? I made a nut dough for the tartlets and shaped them in a mini muffin tin. After they baked, I filled them with the chocolate caramel ganache and enjoyed one. So yummy. A bit runny though. I wondered why the filling didn't thicken like I expected.
I enjoyed one or two more and went about my day. Later, I discovered what my filling needed for thickening.... patience. These are absolutely delicious!


  1. What fantastic looking mini tarts! Great post!

  2. Good to know on the patience deal as I often do not have enough of that they should include those instructions for patience in the recipe, don't you think?) so that is a great tip, thanks. I have 8 more to go...hmmm...well, 7 as I am not doing that Easter Pie thing. Have no clue if I will get them all done or not, you know me, I usually go on a tear the last week. I work well under pressure! Your little tarts look perfectly executed and oh so cute!

  3. These look like perfect bites of happiness!!


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