Saturday, June 4, 2011

Modern Baker: Sour-Cream Apple Pie

The Modern Bakers have been baking up sweet tarts and pies all spring. This sour-cream apple pie was requested specifically by my husband. He loves apple pie, especially apple pie with crumble topping. Overall, I tend to think apple pie is just okay.
Again, I'm making 1/4 of a recipe which fits into two 4 1/2'' tart pans. I chose to make it as a tart rather than a pie simply because I have small tart pans and no small pie pans. I was blown away by how easy apple pie is to make. Don't tell my husband though. He'll be requesting it all the time!
My verdict was that it was good, but remember apple pie isn't my thing. My husband took one bite and said, "Yeah, that's what I'm having for dinner." A few nights later when we had company for dinner and I broke out some tarts for dessert he was trying to convince them that the apple tart wasn't very good so that he could have it all to himself. If you're an apple pie fan, this tart is a home run!

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  1. We liked husband is also a huge apple pie fan and he ate most of it. I did sample it and it was good, although too much crust per filling ratio for my tastes. It was still good, however! Yours looks really delicious, no wonder requests for more will follow!


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