Sunday, June 12, 2011

Modern Baker: Mango & Rice Tart

The Modern Bakers are baking their way through The Modern Baker cookbook and we're still in the sweet tarts and pies section! It's a tough job but somebody has to try all these tarts!

The next tart up is mango and rice tart. I love mango sticky rice at Thai restaurants. It's my favorite dessert. I knew I'd like this tart as soon as I saw it and I wasn't disappointed. I made a 1/4 recipe to fill two 4 1/2'' tarts.

I guess my only small complaint is that I really like the sticky rice and this rice isn't sticky, however it doesn't claim to be either so maybe I'm just wishing N.M had made it a mango and sticky rice tart. It's really a small complaint. Sweet rice is insanely easy to make and who doesn't love mangoes around the house! Yummy!


  1. Thai mango and sticky rice is one of my favorite desserts too and to have it in pie form must be heavenly! I made a dessert with mango today too, and the post will be up in exactly 30 minutes (it's part of a blogging event). Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  2. I don't know, I have been skeptical of this one and pretty much decided I wasn't going to make it...yours does look pretty and tempting now, however...might have to change my mind. So pretty, isn't it?


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