Thursday, June 16, 2011

Modern Baker: Blueberry Crumble Pie

I'm back with more sweet tarts and pies and the Modern Bakers as we continue baking from The Modern Baker cookbook.  I had not planned to bake this pie. I don't like blueberry pie. I love berry medley pies but I've never had a blueberry-only pie I've enjoyed much.

But, when Kayte, Phyl, and Abby all swore up and down this was the best blueberry pie ever, I had to try it. Abby also mentioned the blueberry crumb muffins from the beginning of this challenge. Those were fantastic! I knew if N.M. could make such a fantastic blueberry muffins, I'm sure his blueberry pie is decent enough.
I made 1/4 recipe which filled two 4 1/2'' tarts. I cooked the berries and sugar, whisked in the cornstarch, topped them with the crumble and baked. Oh yes, this is a great pie. First of all, the berries were tart. Those that know me know I love tart! I eat the red blackberries, prefer grapes early in the season, and have been known to peel and eat lemons like one eats and orange. Perhaps I'm just an early season blueberry pie maker when the blueberries are still nice and tart. For me, tart berries in pie is important because when the berries are sweet and mixed with sugar the resulting pie of often too sweet for me. In addition, I loved how gooey the pie was. It wasn't runny but it wasn't gelatinous. It was at that perfect gooey stage. So, a definite hit here!

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  1. And it was a definite here as well! Favorite blueberry pie recipe EVER. Yours looks great, you have such a way with photos, makes the food leap off the page.


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