Monday, June 6, 2011

Leek and Cherry Tomato Clafouti

My good friend (in-real-life) and fellow food blogger Karen at Fairmount Neighborhood Farmers Market made this delicious clafouti for Mother's Day. Funny, how we now must make the distinction between real life friends and online friends.

Karen was recently featured on food52 a site founded by Amanda Hesser (former NYTimes food writer). Karen has been blogging all kinds of bean recipes this winter after joining a local bean CSA. I never knew beans could be so fun! I'm thinking of joining that CSA this winter.

This clafouti recipe caught my attention for a couple of reasons.
1. It looked like something I'd like.
2. I loved the pan Karen made hers in. Is that a paella pan??
3. I'd never heard of a clafouti before and was intrigued. I understand most clafoutis are traditionally desserts and this is a savory twist on one.
I began by roasting the tomatoes in the oven for half an hour. I then sauteed the leeks in butter and vermouth. (Another trip to the liquor store!) I made the clafouti batter and was ready to begin the assembly. Karen likened the beginning to making a crepe. I was a bit nervous. The last time I made anything crepe-like it was for my mom's manicotti recipe. Those things were hard.

I poured in a thin layer of batter. Let it cook until it was yellow and then assembled the clafouti with the leeks, tomatoes, and goat cheese. I poured in the rest of the batter and popped it all in the oven for an hour.

We ate it almost straight out of the oven. It was delicious! The clafouti was very light and eggy like a light quiche might be and the ingredients were fantastic. I particularly liked the roasted tomatoes. I got most of the tomatoes too as Austin is not a huge tomato fan. I think he's still recovering from three summers of working 7 days a week in a tomato factory in college. He was a quality control analyst testing for bacteria. Luckily, he never found any. If he had, he had the power to shut down the whole plant.

Penelope, the 19 month old was quite interested in what we were eating. She'd long finished her dinner (like 20 minutes beforehand) but came begging for a bite. We gave her a bite and she pulled up a chair and insisted on her own portion. A hit!! Thanks Karen!!!

Get the recipe here.


  1. Renee, thanks so much for the lovely post! I'm so glad that you liked the clafouti. And yes I made it in a new shiny paella pan that I love (my birthday present this April). That's too funny about Austin's summer job. I'm just busy writing exam questions about microbiology. Maybe I'll have to write one about tomato contaminants.

  2. Oh, that looks good. Very nice for summer. I am here to catch up, as I am 11 of your posts behind...sorry, graduation, etc. all took its toll and I fell a wee bit behind. This was a good place to


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