Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BBA #27: Portuguese Sweet Bread

The twenty-seventh bread of the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge is Portuguese sweet bread. This was an easy bread to make as it is only a one day bread. The sponge only ferments for about 90 minutes and then it's on to bread making.

This bread is sweet so it contains some sugar along with three extracts: orange, lemon, and vanilla. The rising times are a big longer to achieve the rise in one day. This bread takes a good part of the day to make. It bakes for almost and hour and the crust gets very dark. Reinhart says not to be fooled into thinking it's done. The dark mahogany brown is expected. I used the clock and thermometer as my guides instead of bread color.
Personally, the crust was a bit thick for me. I'm not wild about thick hard crusts. The inside was fantastic though. It was soft and almost cake-like. The slight sweetness and extract flavors came through just enough. This bread would be a great addition to a meal, especially a potluck as it's just different enough to catch your attention.


  1. Gorgeous! Love that inside crumb shot, wow. We really liked this one. Okay, confession time, don't tell anyone...I don't like crust at all and cut it off all my bread before I eat it (guys like it but I don't). When the boys were little, I would trim off the crusts from their sandwiches until one day Matt said, "Mom, I LIKE CRUSTS! Don't cut mine off!" It was a real shocker for me...lol. I just finished the sourdough section today and will post that last one from it tomorrow. I am thinking of skipping Stollen and moving on so that I end with Stollen around Christmas time as it is a Christmas bread. Bread #27 looks just beautiful, you did a very nice job on it.

  2. I love this bread!

    I grew up with my grandmother making it and she'd shape it into a log and make knot rolls with it and serve it with baked beans on a Saturday night. (Everyone in Maine ate baked beans on Saturdays - not sure why, but everyone had the bean pot in the oven all day.)

    The next morning I'd take the leftovers and slice them and toast them and eat them with her homemade jam. Deeelicious bread.

  3. It's true what you say about rising--looks like yours didn't fill the pan (nor did mine). I probably didn't let mine rise enough in the end, as it was too dense. Maybe I should try it again. I do love all those flavorful extracts!


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