Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Modern Baker: Parisian Fruit Tarts

In a Parisian pastry shop I never order the fruit tart. I always choose something chocolately- usually an eclair. Big mistake!

Pay attention everyone and especially my fellow Modern Bakers this tart is fantastic. I made a 1/4 recipe which filled two 4 1/2'' tarts. I used the sweet tart dough instead of the press-in cookie dough and it was quite delicious.

My former wannabe-baker-self can hardly believe that I not only make pretty darn good pastry cream, but that as I was making it I kept thinking, "oh, yeah, I remember how to do this." Temper the egg yolks, whisk whisk, refrigerated to set.

For the fruit I chose strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, and mango. I discovered that the secret to the great meld of flavors in this tart is the glaze. I am lucky enough to have a mother-in-law who makes jam and shares it! (As an aside- ever had chesterberry jam? It's my new favorite!!) I grabbed a jar of her homemade apricot jam to make the glaze with. Oh it was so good!

How can I explain how good this tart is? Well, I ate both of them before my husband got home from work and then began checking airfare to Paris. Why? Because this tart is so incredible it will make you want to move to Paris and open your own pastry shop!


  1. This looks absolutely fantastic. My mother's favorite dessert is a fruit tart, so this will be made for her the next time she visits!

  2. It looks beautiful! This is one of our top recipes from the section, too.

  3. I love fruit tarts! Reminds me of New York every time I see and devour them! :)

  4. Fruit desserts are my did such a wonderful job on these, they look fabulous!


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