Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Modern Baker: Bourbon-Scented Pecan Tart

Warning! This tart is a serious danger to your waistline! It is delicious and absolutely impossible to stop eating. It is pecan pie done to perfection.
I will admit I was a bit hesitant to do this tart. I've started to notice a lot of my cooking and baking involving alcohol. The French Fridays with Dorie group with all those french recipes in particular. I'm not a huge fan of using alcohol in recipes for two reasons:
 1. It's kind of a pain to acquire. I live in Oregon which means I have to go to an actual liquor store to get anything stronger than beer or wine. Inevitably I have a baby with me and I must say I'm not sure I'll ever get used to walking into the liquor store with a baby on my hip and asking for liquor. I'm not even 100% sure it's legal either even though they've never said anything. In fact, I think they know me now. I'm the baking lady who comes in asking the easiest way to get 1/4 c of this and 3 T of that.
2. I'm cooking for little kids and exposing kids to the flavors of liquor just seems wrong. When there are thousands of other recipes in the world why should I expose my three year old to beef cooked in wine? (The beef daube was delicious though!)
Now, just ignore what I said because the bourbon really made this dish fantastic. I almost omitted it but then Phyl said omitting the bourbon is a huge mistake so I earned myself so wife points and bought my husband a large bottle of Maker's Mark. Phyl was right. There isn't very much bourbon in the tart but it adds that little something that elevates this tart above a regular old pecan pie.

I encourage all of my fellow Modern Bakers and everyone else who reads this to go get the cookbook and bake it!


  1. We loved this one, too. And I agree, while not a big fan of alcohol myself, that bourbon adds just a little something special to this tart.

  2. Being from the South, this tart looks absolutely amazing!

  3. These tarts look delicious!

  4. Yep, Mark was all for the Maker's Mark in ours as well. This was a hit...I also made it for a dinner party a couple of weeks ago and they took home the extras...LOL! That's a compliment I would say. Love the minis.


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