Saturday, May 28, 2011

BBA #25: Pizza Napoletana

The twenty-fifth bread of the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge is Pizza Napoletana. I love pizza. All kinds. Classic American with tomato sauce and lots of toppings. Thin crust. Thick crust. Real Italian pizza were tomato sauce isn't a given and you're served a full pizza with a fork and knife. I have few travel regrets, but one of them is not leaving the train station in Naples, Italy to get a slice in the birthplace of pizza. Italy knows how to do pizza!

This recipe made six balls of pizza dough. I put four of the balls in the freezer and kept two out for this week.

After refrigerating overnight, I let the dough rest for two hours, floured my hands and then started working it with my knuckles just as Reinhart instructs. Let me just say that I am a terrible pizza shaper. The edge of my pizza dough was thick and the center became paper thin quickly and started tearing holes. I tried to start over but that didn't work. The dough was already stretched paper thin and it didn't want to thicken again. I let the dough rest of a bit and then balled it up and stretched it out small with my fingers just as Reinhart says not to do.

I had a whole counter full of toppings ready for the pizza. Then, I read Reinhart's reminder that "less is more" for the best pizza. I looked at the toppings again and chose the things I was craving right then: cheese, mushrooms and olives.

The pizza was delicious. My second attempt at shaping later this week went no better but that pizza was equally delicious. I have four more attempts in the freezer and a new to do to add to my life accomplishment list- learn to make tossable pizza dough.


  1. Oh, that looks just delicious, Renee! I never had success with shaping this one...PR's neo-neopolitan from ABED has been much more successful for me. Both tasty, though!

  2. Who cares about the shape? Your pizza looks absolutely scrumptious! I'd eat it!

  3. That pizza looks amazing :) I want a slice now!

  4. Shape looks perfectly shaped to me! Rustic is good. Tossable dough eludes me. We like this dough and I have made it numerous times now. Pizza is sort of the Friday night staple around here.


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