Saturday, April 30, 2011

Modern Baker: Tomato & Cantal Tart

Here is my last savory tart for the Modern Baker group.

I saved this tart for last because I thought it would be a slam dunk favorite. Surprisingly, it wasn't and I know why. Look at that gorgeous pizza- I mean tart- above. Doesn't it look like the best margherita pizza ever! When I traveled in Italy, I loved margherita pizza. The Italians really know how to do that pizza right.

For this tart I used the rich pie dough crust again and the filling consists of cantal cheese and tomatoes and is topped with olive oil and basil. Well, it also has one ingredient that you would never find on pizza- dijon mustard. It just threw it all off for me. I will say that the tart did taste good. I imagine it would be a great hors d'oeuvres but I just couldn't get over the fact it wasn't pizza. Silly, I know.

Sweet tarts here I come!


  1. Your tart looks absolutely scrumptious. Great job!

  2. You could call this a tartizza! Looks great :)

  3. Oops...we loved that mustard bit in this...we are true mustard fans here...I think we have 14 jars of various mustards in our frig and the oldest is probably less than three months old as we use it all up that fast. Guys eat mustard on so many things. I think it's a German thing with them. Maybe you can make it again and change it up how you all like it. It looks really really really good!


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