Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Modern Baker: Roasted Pepper & Goat Cheese Tart with Olive-Oil Dough Crust

Now that's a title!

While the other Modern Bakers are off enjoying sweet tarts (you all are torturing me with those posts!) I'm enjoying a few more savory tarts.
This roasted pepper and goat cheese tart was a surprising success. I like roasted pepper and I like goat cheese, but for some reason I wasn't sold on this tart. I was afraid the goat cheese would be a bit too powerful or something. But, the egg, roasted pepper, goat cheese, and parsley all melded together beautifully.
This tart uses the olive oil crust. I did not like this dough, but I will admit a good amount of baker error here. I am still very new to rolling pie and tart dough. This actually being one reason I'm excited about all these tarts and pies. I wondered if I should have added a bit more liquid to the dough when I saw it in the food processor, but I didn't. It was hard to roll out and broke on me.
It's not a very pretty crust my any means, but it tasted just fine. In fact I think I liked the flavor a bit more than the no-roll dough I did last time.


  1. I am standing here in the kitchen trying to put together the Empanadas for Bake! and the Mustard Batons for FFwD and wondering about lunch...wish I lived closer as this looks likes a great lunch to me! I did not use the olive oil crust on this...I had used it on that pork pizza thing and I did not care for it at all...the taste was really oily or something, so I ended my relationship with it right there. I thought it made the whole tart/pie taste "off" and I used good oil. Maybe it was a texture/taste thing. Not sure. I didn't use it for anything else. Your tart looks so pretty with the combination of peppers.

  2. Love your pepper pictures! Wasn't sure about this one (not a big fan of goat cheese) but the rest of the tarts were so good and yours looks so good, I should probably just go ahead and try it!

  3. Your tart looks absolutely amazing. I love all the flavors and the color of the peppers! I'm intrigued that you used olive oil in your crust!


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