Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Modern Baker: Gruyere, Scallion, & Walnut Tart with Rich Pie Dough Crust

I'm back again with another Modern Baker savory tart. Just one more after this one before sweet tarts and from the posts of my fellow Modern Bakers I can see extreme restraint will be necessary this spring.

I wasn't too sure about this tart the day I went to bake it but I was eager to try out the rich pie dough crust. The ingredients are quite simple: scallions, walnuts, gruyere, eggs, milk, cream, salt, pepper and a touch of nutmeg. I must say I quite liked this tart. I love gruyere cheese and the walnuts and scallions mix perfectly with it. Its simple tasting- in a really really good way. It seems a perfect comfort food tart.
This crust is my new favorite! I love that Nick has us make dough in a food processor. Yes, there is some washing involved, but so much less angst than any other pie dough making from my past. This rich pie dough crust will be my standby from now on. The rolling was still messy, but I know a good part of that is inexperience on my part with rolling dough. I'll get better. Look at that gorgeous crust!


  1. This is one of my very favorite crust recipes, too. This recipe is still on my list of to-be-mades...yours looks just great!

  2. This tart looks so rich and decadent. Yum!

  3. This is a gorgeous dough...you did such a pretty job of getting it all in the pan...but I have to say, Nick's recipe helps, doesn't it? I love this dough. And, I love his method of making it. Your finished tart looks wonderful, this was very popular here, esp. with Mark.

  4. Can I have the recipe for this dough? I m finally catching up with your cooking blog.


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