Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Modern Baker: Corn Pudding Tart with No-Roll Flaky Dough Crust

My cooking hiatus occurred during the Modern Baker's stint in the savory tarts and pies section. The group has now moved on to sweet tarts and pies. I had planned to just move on with the group but then something happened, actually three things happened.

1. I joined a couple friends in a no sugar until Easter challenge so no sweets until the end of April.
2. I came across my tart pan looking very lonely in the cabinet. 
3. Kayte did a mass posting of all her savory tarts at the beginning of April and they looked fantastic! Seeing all those delicious savory tarts got me thinking..... and hungry.

So, I'll be taking the long road to the sweet tart section and meandering a bit longer with the savory tarts. Up first- Corn Pudding Tart.
This corn tart was insanely easy and so delicious. The basic ingredients are corn, scallions, chives, a jalepeno, eggs, and a lot of heavy cream. It was a delicious tart, but missing one thing- salt.

I must now admit that I have no skill in salting dishes when the directions are to salt to taste. My grandmother was an extreme over-salter. Picture a large salt shaker with massive holes. Picture that salt shaker turned upside down for 10-20 seconds on a dish. That was how my grandmother salted. My mother swung the other direction, I'm sure partly due to all the health problems my grandmother suffered at the hand of her salt shaker. My mother rarely salts anything. I was taught to either not use salt or to lightly salt my serving. It's rarely a huge issue, except when I make a dish like this and take a bite and think, "hmm, needs salt". These are the times I wish I knew how to salt a dish properly during baking.
There are three doughs associated with this chapter on savory tarts and pies. For the corn tart I chose to do the no-roll flaky dough. Okay, in all honesty, I'd planned to do a different dough but after I fell out of the attic the other day and one elbow (and ankle and neck) are a bit sore I decided the rolling pin wasn't a great idea. Another great reason to have a handy no-roll dough in your repertoire!

I pulsed the dough in the food processor.
And pressed it into the pan.
A simple and easy crust. I liked the crust and loved that it was so simple, but I'm not sure I'd rave about the crust. I'm eager to try the rolled out doughs on the next tarts.


  1. That looks really good! LOL on my massive posting...which followed my massive baking. This section I am determined not to save 13 tarts for 3 days or whatever it was...yikes. And, the whole reason I was doing them is that 6" tart as the guys were able to eat them up's very handy having a household of guys when it comes to wanting food gone in a hurry. What is it with the attic falling? Nancy at The Dogs Eat The Crumbs fell through the attic floor to the cement garage floor and banged up her knee, etc. We are going to have to send some warning labels for the two of you! I can't remember if I added a little salt to this or not...we aren't big on a lot of salt but sometimes I taste and add a bit.

  2. I love the bright yellow pops os color in your side view photo! Great post!

  3. I skipped this one until we can get fresh corn in the summer, but your side view looks awesome!! I agree...I'm not a big salt fan so I'm always challenged when he tells us to salt to taste without any starting point...I've just been trying to over-season for my taste and then get hubby to taste-test! =)


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