Friday, April 15, 2011

BBA: Pane Siciliano

The twenty-third bread of the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge is pane sicilliano. Peter Reinhart declared this one of his absolute favorite breads and I have to agree!

This is a three day bread. Three days! I'd gotten a bit used to two day breads, but a three day bread was hard. Each day didn't require a huge amount of work, but I had to 1. remember to do each step each day and 2. plan ahead enough to want bread on day 3. I just don't live three days ahead.

The dough came together perfectly. In the past I was constantly adjusting the water and flour at the end. Now, I trust Reinhart. And myself.  I let the dough ball form, I switched to the dough hook, and I let the dough knead for awhile. After a few moments I added a small amount of flour and just let in knead. After 8 minutes it felt right.
I let it rise, divided it and shaped them into baguettes and then rolled them into an S. I love the fancy S shape.
After seeing Reinhart's photos I realized that I could have let mine brown longer and mine didn't have the holes like Reinhart's, but the flavor was wonderful. The longer browning would have given me crunchier crust, but that's simply a reason to do this bread again.... like I even need a reason!


  1. What perfect Ss! I really enjoyed this one, too. And I had to laugh at your "I don't live three days ahead" comment...can SO relate!!! =)

  2. Your swirly bread looks delicious!

  3. So did a great job on this one! Wait until you hit takes a week to make that starter and you have to think about it each day. My first one was a bust so I tried again and then Slo-Mo finally took off. It's a lot of commitment. I intend to finish the rest of the breads in that section and run! You will soon be caught up with me.

  4. Your bread looks perfect! Would you recommend this bread book? It's been on my Amazon wish list for years now but I always end up ordering something else.

  5. Yes, I love this bread book. It is my very first bread book. I had never made bread before this book and I've been really happy with it. Check out pinchmysalt who started the BBA Challenge too. There are lots of bloggers out there who have done the breads and thus lots of tips.

  6. I'd never heard of Bread Apprentice as a group. Genius! Don't know if I have the guts to try and catch up but it will be fun to follow you. :)

    As for FNL - Don't know why but we have it in Canada on Wednesday nights as well as Friday nights. Promise I won't reveal any juicy story points in the blog! I just wish it wasn't the last season!


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