Sunday, March 20, 2011

Corniest Corn Muffins

I have found my favorite corn muffins! I am not a part of the Tuesday with Dorie blog group but I know a number of people who are so I see the recipes they bake from Dorie's Baking: From My Home to Yours cookbook. Dorie Greenspan is the author of Around My French Table the book I cook and blog for French Friday's with Dorie. My friend Kayte baked these muffins for the group last week. I was intrigued. Kayte let me know that Dorie gave permission for the host to post the recipe on their blog. Check out the recipe at Jilla's blog.

The muffins were light and fluffy and just the perfect cornbread muffins for our meal. Dorie uses a cup of whole kernel corn in the recipe too. I love whole kernels in my cornbread.

I had to share my first big funny failure of the year too. I baked the muffins and then set the tin on top of my stove. I have a glass top stove. I thought I'd turned off all the burners but apparently I hadn't. I'm sure I got distracted my some kid incident. Partway through dinner I started to smell smoke. I went into the kitchen and noticed one of the muffin tins smoking. I had placed the tin over the burner and one muffin was on low simmer. Burned muffin! Luckily, the other muffins survived!


  1. This is my very favorite corn muffin recipe (and I've tried a ton). I've been making it since Deb @ Smitten Kitchen posted a while good!

  2. Oh! That's really dark for the bottoms to cook through like that. Wow! But, your top muffin looks so cute!

  3. LOL, I did that once, too, and burned the heck out of a cake for TWD...I should have posted the photo, it makes us all feel a lot better when we know we aren't the only ones wrecking havoc in our kitchens on a semi-regular basis. Happy you found time to try the muffins...they were good. This week's TWD recipe was different: brownies made with honey. Guys loved them and said they tasted more like honey than chocolate. I took a nibble and I could still taste the chocolate.


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