Friday, December 10, 2010

Modern Baker: Focaccia alla Barese: Apulian Onion, Anchovy, & Olive Focaccia

I've been away from my Modern Baker cookbook for a bit, but happily return to try out this pizza recipe: Focaccia alla Barese: Apulian Onion, Anchovy, & Olive Focaccia. This recipe intrigued me this month as Malgieri explains that in Apulia this is a traditional Christmas Eve antipasto.

First, I mixed the focaccia dough. The dough is simple to mix together. This is the first time I haven't used a mixer or food processor to make dough. I made a well in the flour, salt, and instant yeast and poured in the water and olive oil and mixed. That simple.
The toppings for this pizza include sliced onion, anchovies, and kalamata and green olives.
This is my first ever anchovy recipe. I was only slightly leery. I had the memory of a fantastic anchovy dip I had into a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Arles, France. I went with it and peeled open the can. I honestly didn't know what to expect.
 The sauteed onions and anchovies were tossed together and then the olives were added.
 My focaccia rose and is ready for topping.
The pizza was fanastic. It certainly isn't a 'classic pizza', but it makes a fabulous antipasto or light lunch-- which is how we had it. The anchovies were a bit more fishy than I remembered. I think next time I'll mince instead of coarsely chop to keep the flavor without the large chunks.


  1. Anchovies...I think one either loves them or not so much. We are the not so much crowd here, but fun to hear that you made it and enjoyed them (even a little bit). It all looks wonderful. Fun to see you open that can and all their little selves lined up like that, too. I still don't like them, but it was fun to see. I always liked those cartoons that would show the can opening and the little anchovies jumping out and hopping around as their little fishie selves. fun!

  2. I am here thru Kayte's blog and she's one of the most wonderful gals i have met online!!
    U have suc a beautiful focaccia turned in, oh so good!
    the pics are fantastic and so is the bread!


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