Friday, December 17, 2010

{FFwD} Beef Daube

This is my third French Friday's with Dorie recipe this month! I also plan to do the cookies as well. I don't promise this level of commitment each month. I'm tempted to take all of January off cooking and baking- break out the boxed mac and cheese!

However, the whole point of learning to cook this year was to get myself more comfortable with cooking new things- particularly meat. This daube used chuck roast something I've only bought once before. I wanted to give it a try.

There was a bit of prep work for this meal. I spend an hour chopping, prepping, and sauteing my way through the first stage. I began by cooking bacon and then browning my chuck roast. (I inadvertently bought pre-sliced chuck, so my beef was already in sheets and couldn't be cubed). After that I sauteed my onion and shallots, added the brandy, and finally the bacon and beef back into the pot. I tossed in some carrots and turnip along with garlic and herbs and then poured in a whole bottle of shiraz. I popped it in the oven and two and a half hours later it was ready.

Daube is a french stew, however my liquid had boiled down to the point where we simply ate the meat and veggies on their own. I had had a long day and wondered if all this work had been worth it as I sat down to dinner. This meal took a good chuck of my day.

It was fantastic! Oh my, lick your lips delicious! I will make this again. I had no idea I could make something so delicious!


  1. What a great endorsement for this recipe! I think I am going to be doing one gigantic post with all the December recipes at the rate I am going. I want to make them all, just need to get started, maybe after the weekend. Matt has several choir performances this weekend, including one on tv, so we will be on the go with all of that. Hope the kiddos are feeling better and you, too. Your stew post is great.

  2. Yes, it's totally worth the work, isn't it! Such a great recipe and you are on your way to becoming a fabulous cook!!!

  3. PS...I love your blog title and header picture!!

  4. It looks wonderful! I had less liquid in mine as well - still incredibly delicious! :)

  5. My liquid went away too but the beef was still good! Im glad you liked's a good filling winters meal! Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

  6. Sounds delicious. A good recipe for the holidays!

  7. Your beef daube looks great! I'll have to double up on a couple of recipes to make it this month.
    And your commitment to learn to cook and bake is admirable. Your children will appreciate it (even though it might mean years before the realization hits:)
    Greetings from SoCal, where the rain is relentless!

  8. Your daube looks fantastic! This was one of my favorite recipes.

  9. I'm so looking forward to making this next week. I think it's a wonderful end-of-the-year dish. Yours turned out so well!


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