Monday, December 6, 2010

BBA: Mulitgrain Bread Extraordinaire

The twentieth bread of the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge is multigrain bread extraordinaire.

This is a two day bread with a cornmeal, oat, and wheat bran soaker on day one. On day two the soaker is combined with the typical bread ingredients as well as brown sugar and honey (yum!), and cooked brown rice (a surprising ingredient that really works!).
I chose to make rolls with this bread. I read the instructions a couple of times and practiced and practiced. I think I got better by the end, but I actually found the shaping a bit difficult. Okay, as a disclaimer, shaping into a small ball isn't that hard, but to make pretty rolls where the dough is pulled taut around the roll like Reinhart talks about does take practice.
This bread was one of my favorites so far! I loved the complex ingredients. It really gave the bread and interesting texture and flavor. I will definitely be doing this bread again.


  1. Yum, I liked this one, too! It looks great - love the rolls!

  2. I bet these made great rolls. Will need to go back and try it with rolls as we liked this bread, too. You are getting caught up to us in Slow & Steady! We are at the sourdough breads and are waiting until after the new year to start them, so nothing more BBA from me for the rest of the year, then the sourdough in will be there by then and we can bake together!


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